How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer!

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They said yes, now it’s time to start planning your wedding! One very important question couples may be asking themselves is how to choose a wedding photographer that best suits you. Here are some steps to start narrowing down your search.

Look Though Inspirational Wedding Photos

Instagram and Pinterest are amazing resources to start looking at wedding photos. Start saving several images you both are drawn to. You may start noticing a theme. Are all the photos you save very bright and airy, or do you like photos that have more moody and darker tones? Most wedding photographers have their unique style. You hire them for that style. No one wins if you hire an photographer and expect them to change their style. Find one that has a style that speaks to your soul. I edit my wedding photos true to life colors that are clean and crisp. A couple looking for moody photos wouldn’t be a good fit with me. And that’s okay. Knowing what you like will be the first step to finding the perfect match for a wedding photographer.

Bonus: Did you know #weddingdayinspiration has over 41k hashtagged photos on Instagram? Not only can you get an idea of the style of photography you like but you can steal some awesome ideas for your own wedding day.

Decide What You Value

There are so many choices and packages when it comes to wedding photography. Deciding ahead of time what is important to you will help you navigate through all the choices. I offer a beautiful printed album as part of all my packages. I believe having your first heirloom piece as a couple is priceless. I connect with couples that share that same excitement about their album because that is something they place value on. Here are some ideas of what to start thinking about:

  • Do you value a wedding photographer that can also take your engagement photos? If so, find a local photographer or one willing to travel.
  • Does film photography make your soul happy? Or does it matter at all to you?
  • If you are travelling for a destination wedding do you want a local who knows the area, or a photographer to travel with you?
  • If you are looking to hire a videographer? Decide if you would rather a photographer/ videographer team, or hire that out separately?
  • Do you want two photographers or would just one photographer suffice?

Sit down together and start making a list.

Budget, budget, budget

This might not be the most exciting part but it is very important. Decide what your budget is for your wedding photographer. Is it set in stone, or would it be more fluid for the perfect match? Deciding this together will cut down on wedding stress. Come to an agreement and stick to it. Many photographers have prebuilt packages that might be a perfect fit based on your list above. But if you can’t find a wedding photography package that best fits your needs within your budget a great option is looking for a photographer that offers a la carte pricing so you can build your own custom package. 

Find the Perfect Photographer

Just remember when the time comes to book that perfect photographer ask these simple questions:

  1. Do they have a style we love?
  2. Do they offer what we value?
  3. Can we get want we value within our budget?

August 3, 2021

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